Driver Safety Courses

You can access our courses from any smart device with internet access at times best for YOU! Don’t have time to complete the course all at one time? No problem! You can come and go in the class and finish at your own pace!

We are proud to offer the following Driver Safety, Defensive Driving, Aggressive Driving, Accident Prevention, and Failure to Yield Courses in the following states:


Please feel free to check out the TRANSPORTATION SAFETY FOUNDATION @ FOR THIS COURSE!  The state approval list for all Driver Safety and Aggressive Driving courses can be found at this link- NM Approval List!

Idaho Defensive Driving/Accident Prevention Course  This course is approved through the state DOT and MVD to help reduce traffic accidents, fatalities, and serious injuries by modifying driver behavior through an online forum of knowledge and strategies! (Check us out on the Idaho MVD approved site HERE!) Course fee $19!

North Dakota Crash Prevention Course–  This course is approved by the DOT and MVD to provide knowledge of rules of the road, norms that plague drivers, situational traffic content, and strategies for defensive driving on the roadways. Course fee $40!

Wisconsin Failure to Yield Course-  This course is approved by the Wisconsin DOT and MVD to provide the Rules of the Road as it pertains to Right-of-Way regulations.  This course can be taken for Failure-to-Yield violations, MVD violations, and insurance reduction.  Course fee $40

We no longer provide the Wisconsin Course.  Please check out one of the other online businesses at for your course needs.

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Alabama Defensive and Aggressive Driving Course-  This course is approved through individual courts throughout the state of Alabama.  This course can provide MVD point reduction, Court, Insurance, or your work!  Check with your court to ensure approval! Course fee $40!

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