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Driver Education -Scroll down for Teen and Adult options!

For Teens: We are proud to be licensed and bonded to offer the New Mexico Driver Ed Program as a Correspondence Course for teens who have been approved to take the course as this option! Need information about getting approval from the state to take the course for your teen? Click HERE to submit request to the NM Traffic Safety Division (scroll down to the Correspondence section and you'll see the pdf to print and submit!) You can also email us and we'll email you the form to submit for approval.Just fill out the CONTACT US tab above and let us know you need the Teen Correspondence Approval Form. 

Once you gain approval let us know and we'll walk you through the registration/payment process! Next, we'll email your teen a booklet and online access to quizzes and videos! This 56 hour course meets the NM Driver Education requirements for your teen to begin their driving journey!  We'll cover NM Driving Laws, Pedestrian Safety, Railroad Safety, Sharing the Road, DWI, Tire Safety, and much, much more! 

Cost: $100 (you'll be able to register and pay after your teen gains approval from the Traffic Safety Division to take this Correspondence Course!)

For Adults: Are you looking for a refresher course to help you to pass the MVD NM Knowledge test? Look no further! This 20+ hour program will review all the basic driving practices to include Pedestrian Safety, Railroad Safety, bicycles on the roadways, driving points, seat belt, NM Driving Laws, DNTXT, DWI,  and much, much more! This course is perfect for busy adults who just need extra practice reviewing NM rules and regulations related to driving! We have put together 12 units you can access at ANY time that is BEST FOR YOU! Access the course from any smart device. 

NOTE: This course is not for teens needing their driver license but for adults who just need extra help passing the knowledge test at the MVD!

Cost: $100 

Click HERE to register and gain access to your class within hours!